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Wrong communication…

So, the pictures are delivered to the people of Nomadesk-Narviflex, now you have to wait till they publish some of them. OK, I can show you allready 1 (or 2)... Location: De Schorre (Boom) Good place to take pictures because of the diversity of the scene. Wrong communication between the rider, Kris Hendrieckx, and me results in great faces! (Shocking for the rider as well for the photographer) I still love it! Behind the scene picture with my great assistent (Alicia's dad):


Starting... ...with something new is always exciting! You never know how it will turn out. When you don't try you will never know what it will bring... So, this will be my official start. Special recommendations, tips, tricks, or other information are always welcome. So, I would like to hear it from you... in all your comments below... To add comments, click on the title of the blogpost, in this case "Enjoy..."After the blogpost is loaded, you will see at the bottom a form which you can fill in with your comments.

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