Tom Vander Heyden



Byebye 2011…

Say hi to 2012 Almost the end of the year... so maybe time for a summary of 2011... What do you think? Last year was tough, lots of work in my new home but... it's almost ending so I can finally move and concentrate me on 2012... It was a year with lots of great photography and met so many new people! Short resume for 2011: Team shoots: I was very honored when teams like Nomadesk-Narviflex, Lignier-Versluys, Nodrugs, asked me to make some pics for there publications (2011). The problem with team shoots is, that they need pictures in the beginning of a new year... Problem: There are no green and fresh flowers in the field ...or light & bright sunlight... only cold temperatures and grey sceneries. (Or we have to go to a sunny Island...) But everything went well! Afterwards seeing your picture in huge format feels so good!

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