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Mosterd sessions PART 3: 4 Famous Outdoor Photograpers outside Belgium

Mosterd sessions PART 3: 4 Famous Outdoor Photograpers outside Belgium 't is vrijdag en bijna weekend, perfect voor deze "Mosterd sessions"   Deel 3: 't is een heel tijd geleden dat ik de Mosterd Sessions heb aangevuld. (Voorgaande posts: Deel I en Deel II ) Bij deze, in onderstaande blogpost vind je een lijstje van mijn 'heroes' of gewoon mensen die prachtige outdoor pictures nemen. Ik schrijf deze post in 't engels zodat ze, moesten ze meelezen, toch een beetje begrijpen wat ik over hen schrijf... Part 3 of the mosterd sessions. 'Mosterd' is dutch for mustard. in this thirth part, you will find some famous photographers outside Belgium. Some of them aren't only mountainbike photographers but they inspire me in what they do. Chase Jarvis Who don't know this guy? Oke, it isn't a fulltime mountainbike photographer BUT... it was one of the first guys who motivate me to go further on and exceeding my boundaries. If you hear this guy explains something, you want to pick up your cam and do some crazy things you never done before. Look also at his blog & portfolio! The hole crew behind him is awesome! When you see some of his movies, always straight to the point and always open for a joke! So you see, I can't stop talking about this guy. He gives me lots of energy! Once, I hope to met him in Paris or maybe in Seattle to talk about everything except photography! Just dreaming on... Website: Blog:   Seb Rogers The first pure mountainbike photographer based in UK (which I discovered 5 years ago). If you take a look at his site, you feel the vibe in the pictures. I love his style and also his blog where he from time till time explains some of his behind-the-scene setups. He also organise workshops, very usefull if you want to start with photograph bikes and other wheelturning-stuff. Website: Reuben Krabbe Also another great photographer Reuben Krabbe. Based in Whistler, made allready lots of covershots which are so breathless... Not only his bike-pics but also ski and wintershots are so unique and creative! Website:   Dan Barham I follow Dan for a few years now and he still makes impressive pictures. Check also his instagram pics... Website:  

Mustard Sessions part II: 5 MTB magazines you have to check out.

Besides inspiring Belgian photographers, the following MTB magazines give me inspiration and hunger to photograph.
However some of them are hard to find, they’re really worth the effort looking for when you love MTB- or sports pictures.

Mosterd Session 01: Belgian Photographers (Dutch)

Mijn bronnen van inspiratie... deel 1

Holstee Manifest

From Holstee - Lifestyle design with a conscience.: Nothing about photography in this post. You may have seen this before but I want it to share with you! Did you ever thought, what I’m doing right now? Do I love my work? What do I want reach? Maybe stop thinking and look to this movie and figure it out for yourself…

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