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FFF : Film Friday Freeriders – Malmedy

De Happy Freeriders, zijn enkele enthousiastelingen die graag in de Ardennen de bossen en heuveltjes gaan verkennen. Tilf, Malmedy, Fleron, Comblain-au-pont zijn onze favoriete plaatsjes waar we graag naartoe rijden voor wat avontuur. Deze keer was het niet anders...

Granville Factory Team 2014

Granville Factory Team 2014 "portrait session" 24 november 2013... C3T, gelegen ergens in diep in de Ardennen was de plaats voor de portretsessies van het Granville Factory Team 2014. Op het programma, portretfoto's, sponsorfoto's en enkele casual pics... De locatie, een dortoir in een volledig gerenoveerde ardeense hoeve... Beter gekend als het training/epicentrum van menig mountainbiketeams. Ondertussen zijn ze terug van een stage in Mojacar en kunnen ze met volle batterijen de wedstrijden tegemoed gaan. Oja, moesten jullie het nog niet gelezen of gezien hebben... ik was er ook in Mojacar: 28°C, zon zee strand bergen... meer heb ik niet nodig om dit Granville Factory Team van actiefoto's te voorzien. De kledij is dit jaar weer van de hand van Nodrugs. En opvallen zullen ze!  

Number One

Rider: Roger Gonzalez
Date: 17/06/2012, La Roche

Ardennes Trophy – Winamplanche

Passing through a river with a bike always gives some pleasant results. BUT you have to watch out for splashes & lots of water! Especially when you are using a wide-angle lens, which I do most of the time. Take care of your gear and protect your flashes (AND external batteries) with plastic bags or some other waterproof things. I have protected my external battery with some plastic bag but 1 hole in the bag result in some humidity into the bag & also the battery... NOT GOOD. I had lucky, nothing was damaged by the water. Little geartalk: How do you protect your gear? Also plastic bags? For the second time in a row, I used my new pocket wizards (TTflex 5, TT Mini) but I'm still not convinced to use them...

Ardennes Trophy – famous hedge

The pictures below are taken at Ardennes Trophy, one of the hardest mountainbike-marathon raids in Belgium, where you can choose routes of 50, 70 or 90 kilometers of pure (mountainbike-)fun. The event is well organized, it has a great atmosphere and there are quite a lot of nice places to shoot some great pictures. However the good spots are a bit hard to find if you don't know the area or routes, the website is a good starting point to prepare. For me it was the second time to shoot this beautiful event, mainly to upgrade my portfolio. Website: If you're interested to go there and shoot as well, here are some good spots to go to: • Hedge of Haut-Maret • windmill of Bonromme, which is the highest point in the Ardennes Trophy • passing through the river in Winamplanche • The pass-trough after 20km, on the site of the AT • The pass-trough of Chafour • Castle of Hodbomont, with the pleasant welcome of the local people • decent at the stairs in Marché • Old castle of Franchimont

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