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Ardennes Trophy – Winamplanche

Passing through a river with a bike always gives some pleasant results. BUT you have to watch out for splashes & lots of water! Especially when you are using a wide-angle lens, which I do most of the time. Take care of your gear and protect your flashes (AND external batteries) with plastic bags or some other waterproof things. I have protected my external battery with some plastic bag but 1 hole in the bag result in some humidity into the bag & also the battery... NOT GOOD. I had lucky, nothing was damaged by the water. Little geartalk: How do you protect your gear? Also plastic bags? For the second time in a row, I used my new pocket wizards (TTflex 5, TT Mini) but I'm still not convinced to use them...

Ardennes Trophy – famous hedge

The pictures below are taken at Ardennes Trophy, one of the hardest mountainbike-marathon raids in Belgium, where you can choose routes of 50, 70 or 90 kilometers of pure (mountainbike-)fun. The event is well organized, it has a great atmosphere and there are quite a lot of nice places to shoot some great pictures. However the good spots are a bit hard to find if you don't know the area or routes, the website is a good starting point to prepare. For me it was the second time to shoot this beautiful event, mainly to upgrade my portfolio. Website: If you're interested to go there and shoot as well, here are some good spots to go to: • Hedge of Haut-Maret • windmill of Bonromme, which is the highest point in the Ardennes Trophy • passing through the river in Winamplanche • The pass-trough after 20km, on the site of the AT • The pass-trough of Chafour • Castle of Hodbomont, with the pleasant welcome of the local people • decent at the stairs in Marché • Old castle of Franchimont


From time to time, I can't resist to make selfportraits. How to depends on the gear you have available and kind of picture you have in mind. For the picture below, I used a cheap Nikon remote controller, mounted on my steering wheel and camera. It wasn't easy to work with in the beginning, but practice learns you when to press the remote shutter button to get the picture you have in mind. Another option you can use is Stopmotion, whereby you, f.e., make 1 picture every second. This gives you more pictures to choose from and is ideal if you are making pictures of a moving object.


If you were thinking that I only took some sport pictures, you are wrong. I adore to take portraits of friends especially if they are also photographers. They give me some positive and negative critism which can result in some new style of pics. I should take more portrait pictures because I felt, it was a long time ago. It 's almost summer so... the pictures have some kind of soft and dreamy feeling.

For Sale – GT Sensor Pro 9r

29r, Everyone speaks about it... I have done some test with this bike and it 's absolutely great stuff! Good for doing some long rides AND also for playing in the woods with jumps and technical tracks. The weight of this bike is lighter than the Camber (Specialized) and you feel it! This GT Sensor Pro 9r bike now for sale: Check for more info: MTB Clinics

Mosterd Session 01: Belgian Photographers (Dutch)

Mijn bronnen van inspiratie... deel 1

Ringlight – Rosco Test with Frederik Herregods

Yesterday I had the opportunity to test a new ringlight of Rosco, known from the strobist filters. Thanks to Frederik Herrregods. He will also write a review of this new tool, soon...


Dirty Pants

As you could read in past, I stil love that Gopro cam! Rider: Tom Vander Heyden Location: Park Midden Limburg Assistent: Stijn Bosmans Cam: Go Pro Hero Another one from that shoot a couple weeks ago:

Kevin (2012)

No, this isn't the fanpage of Kevin Van Hoovels, isn't it?  

Kevin (2011)

Exactly 1 year ago, I made this portrait at the houffalize festival 2011. This weekend it's also Houffalize Bike Festival... I'm going on sunday 14/04/2012 (tomorrow). Maybe I see you there!

Good(monday)morning analog film – Kodak 400TX

First results of analog photography with my Nikon F501

Wrong communication…

So, the pictures are delivered to the people of Nomadesk-Narviflex, now you have to wait till they publish some of them. OK, I can show you allready 1 (or 2)... Location: De Schorre (Boom) Good place to take pictures because of the diversity of the scene. Wrong communication between the rider, Kris Hendrieckx, and me results in great faces! (Shocking for the rider as well for the photographer) I still love it! Behind the scene picture with my great assistent (Alicia's dad):

GT Factory Racing Team Launch 2012

Interesting video from GT BikeMag: GT Factory Racing Team Launch 2012 From BikeMag: "Marc Beaumont and the Athertons shredding trails on their GT mountain bikes in Southern California." Videos like this will gives me new motivation and inspiration.

Holstee Manifest

From Holstee - Lifestyle design with a conscience.: Nothing about photography in this post. You may have seen this before but I want it to share with you! Did you ever thought, what I’m doing right now? Do I love my work? What do I want reach? Maybe stop thinking and look to this movie and figure it out for yourself…

Behind the scene – Nomadesk Narviflex 2012

Small BTS picture from last saturday… Still love these bikers & bikesters! Results will be soon online… See more??? With 2 wonderfull assistants:


Starting... ...with something new is always exciting! You never know how it will turn out. When you don't try you will never know what it will bring... So, this will be my official start. Special recommendations, tips, tricks, or other information are always welcome. So, I would like to hear it from you... in all your comments below... To add comments, click on the title of the blogpost, in this case "Enjoy..."After the blogpost is loaded, you will see at the bottom a form which you can fill in with your comments.

Mountainbike roadbook – Stekene

For a new roadbook, we made some shots in Stekene-country side. The pics will follow in the O2 bikers magazine of April 2012. So Check it out… if they use the best & greatest pictures…

Publications at Velofollies 2012

In January 2012, I went to velofollies to see some of my published pics. Always a surprise to see the prints, flyers, ...

Byebye 2011…

Say hi to 2012 Almost the end of the year... so maybe time for a summary of 2011... What do you think? Last year was tough, lots of work in my new home but... it's almost ending so I can finally move and concentrate me on 2012... It was a year with lots of great photography and met so many new people! Short resume for 2011: Team shoots: I was very honored when teams like Nomadesk-Narviflex, Lignier-Versluys, Nodrugs, asked me to make some pics for there publications (2011). The problem with team shoots is, that they need pictures in the beginning of a new year... Problem: There are no green and fresh flowers in the field ...or light & bright sunlight... only cold temperatures and grey sceneries. (Or we have to go to a sunny Island...) But everything went well! Afterwards seeing your picture in huge format feels so good!

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