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Mustard Sessions part II: 5 MTB magazines you have to check out.

juli 12, 2012

Besides inspiring Belgian photographers, the following magazines give me inspiration and hunger to photograph.
However some of them are hard to find, they’re really worth the effort looking for when you love MTB- or sports pictures.

1. Lanscape Magazine(FR-EN-NL)

“It’s not about the bike, it’s about the way of living the bike.“

This magazine was created by four Belgian bike-passionates wanting to spread the alternative bike life. And even though this magazine is completely for free (printed and online), the articles are professionally written and the pictures are amazing! Available both in French and English.

2. Mountainbike UK (EN)

If Seb Rogers’ pictures shine on a cover, it triggers me to read more …
This is one of the largest bikers magazines in the world, and every time they find a different angle to approach the bike-world. Definitely a recommendation for starters and more experienced riders.

3. Bikemag (EN)

This is the only magazine not available in Belgium (they have an iPad version), but looking at their ‘picture of the day’ says enough …


4. Singletrack (EN)

They give very reliable reviews on bike-gear and routes, accompanied by the most beautiful pictures. And as an extra, they have some very nice movies on their website.
A list of all there covers you can find HERE.


5. Up/Down Magazine (NL)

Besides the more ‘dared’ (read: non-commercial) pictures, this magazine often gives tips for starting MTB-photographers. What gear to use, tips and trics and more.


Hoping to have given you some inspirational magazines…
I’d like to know which magazines you read and appreciate and would recommend! Please leave a comment.

Next part: Inspiring foreign photographers. Stay tuned!

Gravity Ride in La Roche Zaskar 100 Carbon 9r… ow yes!
Gravity Ride in La Roche
Zaskar 100 Carbon 9r… ow yes!

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