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For Sale – GT Sensor Pro 9r

mei 6, 2012

29r, Everyone speaks about it…

I have done some test with this bike and it ’s absolutely great stuff! Good for doing some long rides AND also for playing in the woods with jumps and technical tracks.
The weight of this bike is lighter than the Camber (Specialized) and you feel it! This GT Sensor Pro 9r bike now for sale:
Check for more info: MTB Clinics

Mosterd Session 01: Belgian Photographers (Dutch) D.
Mosterd Session 01: Belgian Photographers (Dutch)

Comments to “For Sale – GT Sensor Pro 9r”

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    Nog te koop?

  2. Reply

    Just bought a new left over 2011 for my son. paid 1800. 00

    interested in one for much?


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